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Topfibre is an international leader on the covered yarn market. Quality, innovation, creativity and respect for the environment is the core of Topfibre. Possesses advanced Menegato covering machines, FADIS and SSM brand rewinding machines to make sure the high quality of covered yarn. Topfibre's covered yarn are used for all kinds of materials and fabrics, including hosiery, circular knitting, lingerie, beachwear, sports apparel and Elastic tapes. Indiscernible yet essential ingredients which have enabled Topfibre to provide backstage support to many of the greatest international success stories in the Textile-Fashion sector. Intelligent fibers developed with special needs and unique sectors in mind. Fibers which bear witness to Topfibre's uncanny ability and singular versatility in producing extremely high quality products which continue to prevail on today's market.

Persist in serving customers and win-win principle, We promise to gain you more with our best service attitude, advanced service concept and professional service team.



Founded in Qingdao the seaside city in Northern China as Qingdao Zhongsheng Special Fiber Co., Ltd In 1997, Whom owned by the state. We developed the Air Covered Yarn in the China Market. As the beginner of the covered yarn manufacturer, To contribute the society,  we helped built many covered yarn factories.

When it comes to the year of 2007.We restructured to be Qingdao Topfibre Co., Ltd as the Joint-stock company and move our factory to Laixi which one city of Qingdao in order to provide the client with quality products at more competitive prices.

Today Topfibre has more than 200 machines in China. The annual production capacity is 3000 tons. The products have been exported to Canada, France, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Korea. Advanced equipment, stable product quality and good customer service also impress our client. We work hard on the research of new products of kinds of functional yarn, Recycle yarn. Generated about half machines to improve the quality.

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